The Art of the “Pedra en Sec”

Our townhouses or villas, born out of tradition, respect for the environment and the cosmopolitan seal of a singular town, coexist with the millenary traditions whose eco endures not only in Deià but in the very DNA of the Island of Mallorca.

#PetitDeià is infused with the natural beauty of its surroundings, and the materials used in its construction reveal a deep commitment with the ancestral traditions of the Balearic Islands, in particular present in the villages located on the Serra de Tramuntana, UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

The “Pedra en Sec” or “drystone” technique is a tradition visible in each village, in each house and each corner of Deià, a millenary construction art dating back to prehistoric times and forming part of the beautiful villages dotting the Serra de Tramuntana.

pedra en sec

Stones scattered here and there, which centuries back used to be in the way when peasants cultivated their lands, were gradually transformed into picturesque “marges”, shaping contention walls much needed to direct the waters, while at the same time creating the unique paths coursing through the Serra de Tramuntana.

The craft of stonewall builders, the “Mestre Marger”, is also a cultural heritage. The building and upkeeping of drystone walls is one of the greatest treasures of the Tramuntana. The “pedra en sec” technique represents such a splendid part of the landscape, that on November 18, 2018, UNESCO declared this construction technique an Immaterial Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The tradition, transmitted from parents to offspring, begins to be at risk of disappearing, yet its preservation is crucial to the heritage of Mallorca. These drystone walls surround 19 villages, among them #PetitDeià: paths plummeting down into waterfalls, cobblestone streets, stone walls and stone-covered houses celebrating past, present and future, thanks to an awareness of the need to preserve this drystone technique, which has endured as an integral part of this singular spot on the planet.

#PetitDeià represents the millenary essence of a village which preserves from its bases the significant cultural heritage of the Island of Mallorca.

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