February is an ideal month to fall in love. And not just with our better half on the 14th, for Valentine’s Day, but also with the immaterial beauty of an island as stunning as Mallorca. It is because, during this time of year, the largest of the Balearic Islands records its lowest temperatures and keeps mass tourism away from its beaches, allowing us to enjoy each and every one of its corners in the most relaxing and contemplative way possible, something which only a few destinations in the world are able to offer. At Petit Deià we don’t know of a better place to live than at one of our properties in Deià, where the tranquillity of the Mediterranean Sea will captivate you in February and keep you falling in love all year round.


The romanticism of the Archduke’s walkway in the Serra de Tramuntana

The adjacent paths of the outer area of the Serra de Tramuntana back in their time made the high European aristocracy fall in love with them. So much so that Ludwig Salvator of Austria, of the Imperial Dynasty of Habsburg, bought several properties along the mountain range, amongst them is la Estaca -currently owned by Michael Douglas-, and had a large number of roads built and lookouts set up in order to preserve and publicise the landscape which captivated him. Nowadays, there are several excursions along the outskirts of Deià which pass by these historic constructions which, during this time of year, evoke an exceptional sense of peace.



Experience love under the stars with a one of a kind landscape

Those who love to stargaze are in luck if they want to spend an evening in Deià and its surroundings. At night, and during the winter months, the darkness takes over the land and sets the scene for a blanket of twinkling stars which draw constellations in the sky. The best way to unwind from your day is by looking out from the balcony of your property in Deià and contemplate this very visual natural spectacle and immerse your dreams in this picturesque environment.


Conquer all through the flavours and textures of Mallorcan gastronomy

They say that the best way to win someone over is through their stomach. And on the island of Mallorca, hidden away are some of the best restaurants in the east of Spain, where a romantic evening can be the most desirable plan.

Below you will find an interesting list of romantic restaurants in Mallorca created by abcMallorca:

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Contact us and fall in an even deeper love with this island with your property in Deià

The greatest quality of the Serra de Tramuntana is that its beauty is so intense that it can only be truly appreciated when seen with your own two eyes. Which is why, if you would like to make Petit Deià your new home, you have at your disposal a highly qualified team of agents who can help you find the property in Deià which is best suited to your tastes and needs. We will be waiting for you!

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