The second fortnight in December is always a very heartfelt period. Christmas brings together families around bountiful tables filled with food and moves to the rhythms of the carols and customs and traditions. In Mallorca, as in the rest of Spain, its inhabitants celebrate these days in a different way from the rest of Europe. At Petit Deià you will have the opportunity to experience a unique Christmas alongside the traditional Mallorcan architecture, views of the Mediterranean and your loved ones. Would you like to know more? We will be giving you all the details in this blog article.


The start of the Christmas celebrations

If we had to pick one day which kickstarted the Christmas holidays, it would be the 22nd of December. The second to last Sunday of 2019 school ends and everyone begins their holidays. During this time, across the whole of Spain the National Lottery takes place, an incredible draw where the winners take away millions of euros and the optimism can be felt more than ever before, just in time for Christmas.


Christmas Eve, the night which comes right before Christmas

Two days after the 22nd of December and surrounded by your favourite people, it’s time for Christmas Eve: the meal which comes before Christmas Day. This evening on the 24th of December is specially known for bringing together hundreds of families and serving great banquets of food. In Mallorca it is custom to fill the tables with all different kinds of starters, suckling pig, stuffed pasta soup, fish and seafood. After everything has been eaten it’s time for the Christmas desserts and turron to come out. A beautiful way to end a very special and unique night at Petit Deià.



Christmas Day and family get togethers

The 25th of December officially marks Christmas. The day which follows Christmas Eve is characterised by being festive throughout the country and to take advantage of the leftovers which were not used the day before. On this occasion, families come together again to celebrate this key day in December in a very pleasant atmosphere. Following all the fun, those who love the Mallorcan countryside can take a relaxing stroll through the Serra de Tramuntana not far from Petit Deià. It is a day to celebrate and to remember those who are not with us.


Saint Steven, the Mediterranean celebration of a second Christmas

In most of Spain, Christmas ends on the 25th of December, but in Mallorca and in the Mediterranean communities of Spain Saint Steven is celebrated on the 26th of December, also known as the second day of Christmas, which is also a public holiday and once again creates a magical festive atmosphere.


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Experiencing Christmas in Mallorca is an experience which is hard to explain to someone who has not witnessed its beauty. If you would like to make Petit Deià your new home, you will have a team of highly qualified and experienced agents at your disposal who will help you to find a property in Deià which is perfectly suited to your tastes and needs. You won’t regret it!


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