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There is a place in the Sera de Tramuntana which holds a unique and characterful idiosyncrasy. We’re talking about Deià, a town internationally known for being the home of prestigious figures such as the poet and writer Robert Graves, the Hollywood actress Ava Gardner and Lady Diana who visited during her last living months. The beauty of this area is unprecedented and it’s Mallorcan authenticity which can be seen in every square metre, serves as an inspiration for artists, a place of rest for celebrities and a home for the lucky few. Would you like to know what celebrities have passed through this cherished corner of the world? At Petit Deià we will be telling you all about it in this blog article.


A town which has been in the spotlight since the 1920’s

Those who made their mark on the world in the 20’s and made their way to this area made Deià a trending destination which to this day infinite international figures still visit. Its summers are filled with stars from the world of culture, art and business, who take a break in the traditional properties of Deià and in Mallorcan hotspots such as La Residencia, the luxury hotel built by the mogul Richard Branson, which was recently bought by Belmond, the Louis Vuitton hotel chain.


Michael Douglas and his VIP parties, not far from your traditionell property in Deià

Michael Douglas is internationally known for his legendary on-screen roles, but in Mallorca he has always been known as a welcomed resident on the island. His impressive finca, S’Estaca, halfway between Valldemossa and Deià, served as a getaway for Hollywood actors who were in search of some Mallorcan glamour, stars such as Jack Nicholson came from afar to laze by the villas large pool or for the lavish parties hosted for American VIP’s. Douglas’ property is a living example that the outskirts of this Mallorcan town are ideal for buying a property for sale in Deià.



Inspire yourself much like the greats did with Petit Deià

What does Mallorca have that can inspire the world’s biggest stars? If we were to ask Mike Oldfield or the late Kevin Ayers their answer would be clear and concise: the town of Deià. It was here that they wrote the most iconic songs of their best-selling albums. And they’re not the only ones. Sting and Bob Geldof only add to the list of the endless figures who inspired by the influences or characteristics of Deià, headed to the island to rejoice in the warm atmosphere provided by the sun’s rays in the Serra de Tramuntana, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


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Living the high life of a celebrity is right within arm’s reach. Petit Deià ensures a warm welcome. It represents everything a property for sale in Deià should have, its authenticity and traditional architecture will steal your heart. And perhaps it will inspire you to create a masterpiece much like icons from past generations have done. Build your home in this Mediterranean paradise.


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