Typical dishes from Mallorca, to enjoy at Petit Deià

The richness of Mallorca can not only be experienced with the sense of sight. Its incomparable landscapes are complemented by a grand indigenous treasure: its gastronomy. Areas drenched in authenticity and tradition such as Deià still have century old recipes of the islands most well-known dishes. And enjoying them at Petit Deià, surrounded by Mediterranean architecture and with mountain views, is simply sublime. In this article we will be naming some of the most famous dishes in Mallorcan gastronomy.


El Trampó and it’s different variations

Often, in order to reach excellence, you don’t need many ingredients. That’s how we would describe trampó, a typical Mallorcan dish which can be made using two different recipes. The base is fundamental and is made using a combination of tomato, white pepper and onion, all cut up into small squares and seasoned with oil and salt. The simplest way to enjoy trampó is by serving it as we have just mentioned. The more technical version is the coca de trampó, in which said ingredients are served on a dough made from flour, water, oil and salt and which you can enjoy at many of the island’s bakeries.



El tumbet, a dish for the dinner tables at Petit Deià

The tumbet is perhaps, one of the most well-known and delicious creations in Mallorca. Its preparation is a feast of vegetables, as this dish is made by frying off aubergine, potatoes and red peppers, covered with a tomato sauce. It is perfect for serving as a garnish or as a main course, accompanied by meat, eggs or fish. Without a doubt, a dish fit for all the family.


Pa amb oli, essential for any home in Deià

Who hasn’t heard something about the pa amb oli whilst in Mallorca? It is one of the simplest and quickest recipes to prepare. The only thing which really matters is when you buy your ingredients…and all that’s left to do is enjoy! To prepare it, you must buy a farm house loaf or “pa moreno” at your closest bakery, ask for it to be sliced and accompany it with cured meats and cheeses from Mallorca over a bed of bread, rubbed with a raw tomato with olive oil and salt. It’s so delicious!


The ensaimada, the perfect dessert

The best souvenir which you can take home to your loved ones following a visit to Mallorca is the Ensaimada. It is a sweet treat made with flour and pork lard (known in Mallorca as saïm, which is where its name comes from) in the shape of a spiral. It can be served plain or filled with cream, chocolate or anything that your imagination can think of.


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All these dishes are just a simple summary of some of the creations which you could enjoy at your property in Deià. At Petit Deià you will find the rural authenticity which you are looking for in order to live in harmony with the nature, tranquillity and essence which you will only find in the Serra de Tramuntana, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. You are only one step away from making your dreams a reality. Let’s talk.


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