Hiking in the Serra de Tramuntana, not far from Petit Deià

The Serra de Tramuntana, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is a natural wonder which must be enjoyed with each and every one of your senses. The impressive nature of this mountainous area, along with its constant connection with the Mediterranean Sea, means that buying a property for sale in Deià is a fantastic starting point for exploring this famous island mountain range. At Petit Deià we want to give you a series of recommendations of routes in the Tramuntana which are suitable for all. Enrich your soul in this inspiring landscape.


From the old town to Cala Deià

We’re starting at home: specifically, at Petit Deià, there is a perfect route for discovering the traditional architecture which characterizes this area and to stroll the cobblestone streets and see the historic buildings which lead to Cala Deià, one of the most beautiful coastal areas in Mallorca. This relaxing excursion, short in duration and suitable for everyone, goes through the intricate winding paths of the old fisherman’s huts and dry docks in its last stretch.



Admire the ravines and torrents of the Serra de Tramuntana only a few minutes from Petit Deià

By having a property in Deià it greatly facilitates the connections with neighbouring villages such as Valldemossa and Sóller. In this section we would like to recommend a magnificent excursion: the Camí Vell del Barranc de Biniaraix. It is a route which uses the old town of Sóller as its starting point and is perfect for seeing several cliffs and torrents of water in the area. Its journey passing along historical buildings in Sóller is bathed by stone paths that provide a unique essence to the excursion. All ages and abilities can enjoy this itinerary of low difficulty and with a duration of an hour and a half.


Escape to the north of Mallorca and plunge into the Mediterranean Sea

In this last route, and as a way to step out of your comfort zone, we suggest heading to the north of Mallorca for an excursion on the seashore. The route lies between Pollensa and Alcúdia which ends at Sa Talaia de la Victoria, an old fortress on the northern coast of Mallorca that served as a defence spot and for sightings of invading ships from times gone by. During the entire walk you will enjoy sea views between the pine groves and with a canvas of mountains.


Contact us and build your home at Petit Deià

With all these wonderful options it’s impossible to not want to go out and enjoy the wildlife and nature of this beautiful island. At Petit Deià you will find the authentic rural environment that you are looking for to live in harmony with the tranquillity and the essence that you can only enjoy from a walk through the Serra de Tramuntana. You are only one step away from making your dreams come true. Let’s talk.


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