Mallorca is an incomparable place and its beauty can be found with every turn of a corner, wandering its geography is a complete pleasure. The main characteristic which stands out at first glance, is that it is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea that awaits endless crystalline water coves and a rural and agricultural interior which hold the authenticity which has identified its people for decades. And from any angle, you will always see the splendid and beautiful: Serra de Tramuntana, the home of Petit Deià and the reason why the towns which lie in it have such an abundance of charm, demonstrating that it is a wise idea to invest in a property in this area.


A natural wonder declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO

It’s no surprise that the spectacular landscapes offered by the northwest of the island stand out more than anything else on its borders. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) declared the Serra the Tramuntana a World Heritage Site in the category of cultural landscapes in 2011 and from then, its international acknowledgement is set to be indefinite. Towns such as Deià, Valldemossa and Sóller, which form part of the collective imagination of all those who think of a rural community in an idyllic surrounding, are some of the towns which stand out in this mountain range. And that is why investing in a property in the Serra de Tramuntana is a dream for anyone who loves tranquillity, authenticity and the Mediterranean way of life.



A property in the Serra de Tramuntana well connected to the island’s main attractions

Another of the wonders which comes with investing in a property in the Serra de Tramuntana– and which is hard to imagine when you don’t live there– is that in Mallorca there is nothing that is too far away, which means that getting to all the different areas of interest on the island is only a question of minutes not hours. Palma de Mallorca, its capital, is only 30 kilometres from Petit Deià, meaning that the airport and the main leisure areas, as well as the city’s port, are right within arm’s reach. But something which you couldn’t enjoy more when living in this area is the feeling of being immersed in an everyday luxury called the Mediterranean lifestyle.


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