Vive la Nochevieja mallorquina en tu casa en Deià

We look at the end and the beginning of the year as an ongoing cycle. We create goals, hopes and ambitions for these times of year to be fulfilled in the upcoming 365 days. In Spain, like the rest of the world, this event is a very heartfelt and special celebration, but it is celebrated in a certain way which sets it apart from the rest of Europe. In this blog article we will be telling you about the new year grape tradition and some superstitions which you could enjoy at your property in Deià. Would you like to know more? Don’t miss a thing.


The most famous tradition for New Year in Spain: The twelve grapes

The Spanish welcome in the New Year in a very unique way. Across the country, a traditional ritual is carried out during this time of year with a highly coveted fruit: the grape. All those who welcome the New Year at home and with family, as well as those in the main squares, carry with them twelve grapes that they prepare for the last moments of the year. This act comes to life in the last twelve seconds of the year, in which a grape is eaten every second until midnight as a symbol of good luck. One grape for every month. And so, until the beginning of the 1ST of January, in which everyone still chews the grapes, they embrace each other and celebrate in style. All the country’s television networks connect with the many different main squares, where thousands of people get together to celebrate. The bell towers within them ring each of the last twelve seconds, the most famous one being the Plaza del Sol in Madrid.



Start the year in a sweet and relaxing way at Petit Deià

On the following day you have two possibilities in Spain: sleep in late or get up early. There is a tradition of eating churros and chocolate for breakfast the next morning as a sweet way to welcome in the new year. During this first day of the year, tranquillity reigns in the streets and towns, meaning it is ideal to stroll along the narrow-cobbled streets of Petit Deià, where watching the sun set for the first time in 2020 is without a doubt, a magical moment.


Other fun-filled Spanish superstitions

Although not everyone takes it literally, and it is done in a fun and casual way, in Spain there are several superstitions when it comes to welcoming in the New Year. We have already told you about: “There’s no New Year without the twelve grapes”. And from then on there is a series of traditions which are triggered such as dropping a gold ring in a glass of cava or champagne during the celebration, kissing a loved one after the countdown for New Year or the tradition of wearing red underwear. Following some of the superstitions on this list can be very fun and entertaining. You should try them!


Contact our agents and start building your life at Petit Deià

Experiencing New Year in Mallorca is an experience which is hard to explain to someone who hasn’t experienced its beauty. If you would like to make Petit Deià your new home, you will have a highly qualified team by your side to help you find the property in Deià which is perfectly suited to your tastes and needs. You won’t regret it!

On behalf of the whole team at Petit Deià we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!


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