From Deià to Heaven…

To know Mallorca is to discover Deià. Every traveller, every person falling in love with the island, has most likely also fallen for this small town on the Sierra de Tramuntana.

Each corner of Deià is a new experience. Its cobbled streets, its gleaming ocean views, its attractive shops with their typical local products, and the friendliness of its people, suffice to turn this peculiar village into an ideal place in which to rest, have fun, sail and, why not, dream…

Living in #PETITDEIA, the landscape and  the beauty of Deià, with its streams, paths and rows of ancient olive trees, offers endless routes from which to, literally, inhale the nature of this Mediterranean jewel.


To reach the hidden Cala Deià, enjoy its spectacular views and bathe in the deep blue of its waters, is bound to remain in the memory of all those who discover this version of heaven on earth. As Gertrude Stein, the North American writer, said to the British poet Robert Graves, (   in a 1929 interview, “Mallorca is Paradise, if you can stand it”. This is bound to have been the spark kindling the curiosity of the poet, whose love affair with Deià already forms part of its very history.


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