On the skirts of Sierra de Tramuntana, between the sea and the sky, lies #PetitDeià. This housing complex bathed in the glow of the Mediterranean is an enchanted spot, tucked away into the peaceful setting of the privileged Island of Mallorca. These singular villas combine the charm of tradition and modernity. Their stone façades blend beautifully into the landscape of Deià, meeting point of poets, painters, musicians and other travellers. Throughout the course of time, its inhabitants have transformed this village into the island’s cultural and cosmopolitan epicentre.


At #PetitDeià, the Mallorquin character, human diversity and the surroundings coexist in perfect harmony. Water falls, coves, scenic routes and mountains combine to sketch a unique landscape. People from the corners of the planet have found in this gentle, picturesque town on the Tramuntana, not just a place to spend a much-desired vacation, but a destiny.  


The essence of #PetitDeià: is a dreamland come true among heaven and sea. 



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