Being part of Deià, of its charm and its rivetting nature, lies in the DNA of the #PETITDEIA complex. Its very pillars are based on the solid conviction to prioritise conservation and environmental protection. After all, Deià itself lies on the skirts of the Sierra de Tramuntana, declared World Heritage by UNESCO in the Cultural Landscape category.  The #PETITDEIA project remains steadfast in its ecological commitment, by sharing Deià’s traditions: caring for its natural treasures, protecting its bio-diversity, and maintaining its cultural identity. 


In 2015, Deià began to celebrate the Annual Mallorca Posidonia Festival  ( The aim of this initiative was to raise awareness among the population about the presence of #posidonia, a ‘lung’ of the Mediterranean Sea. This ocean plant, regarded as a ‘priority habitat’, whose plains run throughout the Balearic sea bottom, is under constant threat of extinction. The disappearance of just one metre of posidonia affects the existence of several metres of beach. This plant’s survival is vital for the very existence of Mediterranean ecosystems.



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