The traditional essence of a singular land imprints character on our dwellings from their very foundations. Constructed on a spectacular site, the 21 villas of “Petit Deià” are charmingly unique. Local stone façades, ceramic tiles, noble woods… all their building materials blend in seamless harmony with their surroundings. As far as their architectural style and environmental conservation guidelines are concerned, these villas comply with all municipal licenses required in Deià.
“Petit Deià” is a “village” perfectly in tune with nature. The complex has respected every corner of the grounds in keeping with the region’s typical features, from the old olive trees replanted around each dwelling, and including the care and cleaning of the brook running through this breathlessly beautiful part of Deià.
Each property glows with the natural sparkle of Mallorca. The light of the Mediterranean bathes their ample rooms, giving each home a welcoming, cozy feeling. Each house has been specially designed, having two or three stories, and in them comfort and technology join effortlessly on a privileged site.
Stone façades and traditional Mallorcan shutters are a unifying element of the complex, but each villa retains its individual character. Access to each dwelling is private, yet owners can enjoy a community pool located at the heart of this amazing place. Picturesque footpaths lead to one of the most splendid coves in the whole of Deià.